Parenting Courses

The Cluster Team alongside local partners and neighbouring Clusters organise a wide variety of evidenced based parenting programmes and support groups to promote quality parenting, support managing behaviour within the home and to support general health, wellbeing and relationships. Our publicity is sent out through schools and children’s centres well in advance of the start date of each course. Copies can be collected direct from local schools and children’s centres or you can view our most recent publicity below once finalised:

Take 3  – Next Course will start in early 2020

Autumn Term Take 3 has been very popular and take up was high. We’ve received some really positive feedback from parents who have attended the course:

‘When I started Take 3 I was anxious about being around different people and being judged, now I feel hopeful.’

‘I enjoy the group work with activities to make you think and discuss, listening to different views etc. I enjoy the way things are broken down it makes you really think/understand children’s thoughts.’

‘The quiz was useful for me, it showed me things from my child’s perspective.’

‘The scenarios I found a good idea, How we all can react so differently in certain situations. Realising what we actually do, to what we could do differently. I also liked the session on Brain Growth and development. The DVD is good and makes it more real.’

‘I really enjoyed the paired listening skills, it made me think about how I come across to my children.’

The current course is due to end in early December.  Details of the next course which will start in early 2020 will be posted here.


Please feel free to contact Bev Scott on 07732 604813 or or Kath Riach on 07719 423201 or if you have any queries about any of our parenting groups or courses. Alternatively use the contact details provided on the course information and publicity via the links above.

A parent who previously took part in one of our parenting programmes provided us with the following feedback:

Just when I thought life was over,
And that I had nowhere to turn,

Along came the parenting group,
Who gave me some lessons to learn.

They’ve taught me that no-one is perfect,
And that we all make mistakes,

But that living in peace and harmony,
Is all about the choices we make.

Now life in my home is much better,
No more 7 am screams and shouts,

No more locking myself in the bathroom,
No more kids running around like louts!

Now I’m not saying its fool proof,
You just have to give it a go,

And if you put in the effort,
The results they really do show.

So next time your head is done in,
And you think that you really can’t cope,

Just try out the parenting group,
Because seriously it gave me some hope.