About us

The TNCP is a partnership made up of the following:

Meadowfield Primary School

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

Corpus Christi Catholic College

Temple Learning Academy

Whitkirk Primary School

Templenewsam Halton Primary School

Temple Moor High School

Austhorpe Primary School

Colton Primary School

Meadowfield, Templenewsam and Colton Children’s Centre

These schools, apart from Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, are part of Red Kite Learning Trust.

The TNCP Cluster Team works on behalf of Red Kite Learning Trust and partner schools to provide universal and targeted services to local children and families.

The TNCP Cluster Team also provides 1:1 counselling support to several Red Kite Learning Trust schools in Harrogate including:

Harrogate Grammar School

Oatlands Junior School

Rossett Acre Primary School

Western Primary School