The Cluster Team

The TNLP Trust has a Cluster Team who works with our schools and partners to provide a comprehensive package of support for local children, young people and families. If you want to know more about accessing support from the Cluster Team then please speak to your child’s school.

  • Lisa Oxley – Cluster Director and Targeted Services Leader
  • Gemma Sargeant – Cluster Manager and Deputy Cluster Leader
  • Rachel Stockdill – Cluster Community Worker
  • Bev Scott – Cluster Parent Support Worker
  • Kath Riach – Cluster Parent Support Worker
  • Rachel Lee – Cluster Attendance Manager
  • Hannah Allen – Cluster Emotional Wellbeing Worker (currently on maternity leave)
  • Lizzie Wiltshire – Cluster Emotional Wellbeing Worker
  • Janina Grimshaw – Cluster Emotional Wellbeing Worker
  • Jayne Wilson – Cluster Counsellor
  • Jan Ridsdale – Cluster Inclusion Manager

The Cluster Team can be contacted on 0113 4683515